There are 5000+ apps in the AppStore that fall in the category timer. Some very specialized for activities like sports, cooking, nursing, etc.; others that try to be very universal and have more functions than a swiss knife, and finally the portfolio apps that developers build to show off their programming chops.

"The simplest and best timer for your every-day timing needs" - that's what is aiming for. Timing something should be fast and effortless.

Specialized timers work very well for the use-case they were built for, but not so much for others. Universal timers on the other hand try to do so many things and put everything in one product, making them complicated and slow.

Portfolio apps span from good to bad, beautiful to ugly, solid to buggy. Problem with those apps is, that they were never built with a bigger vision in mind and maintenance usually drops as soon as measly downloads and small (if any) revenues come in.

If you have a 'special' use-case and find an app built for that situation, it's very likely the better choice, but for every-day-situations you don't want to pass on!



Use tap- and slide gestures to set the timer. A 1-finger tap adds one minute to your timer, 2-fingers add five minutes and 3 add one hour.

The timer control itself works like a picker, just slide numbers up or down.


Easiest way to figure out how the keypad works is to just try it. If you know how to work a calculator, you can set a timer using the keypad.

Data entry is unrestricted, meaning 0:99 is a valid entry and will convert 1:39 when the keypad is dismissed.

Display Modes

Use in portrait- or landscape-orientation. In landscape the keypad appears on the right side of the screen, making time entry easier and quicker.

When the timer is running, tap the background to hide most controls, leaving just the essential information on the screen; the timer.

OTM Signal

The on-the-minute feature plays a signal every or every couple minutes. It's configurabel in the settings if and at what times the signal should sound.

Currently this feature only works while the app is in the foreground!

Expiration Notification

Have ckrono notify you 10 seconds or more before your current timer is about to expire. Configure in the settings at what time you'd like to be informed.

Backgrounding of course works also while the app is in the background!

Notifications and alarms are forwarded to your iPhones notification center when goes in the background.

Motion Animations

Moving and turning your iPhone affects the look of There's a subtle parallax effect on the timer and color dynamics on your background.

We understand if this feature is 'too much' for you, so there's an option in the settings to deactivate it.


To mix it up a bit, can have different background colors as well as a light- and dark mode.

If you have a new iPhone 5c or 5s, try out the recently added iPhone colors to match your phone!

Go get it!