Are you still wearing a wristwatch or have you already replaced it with your phone? Isn't fetching your phone out of your pocket and waking it up just to check time really annoying?

Of course it is, and born was the idea for ckrono.qoo!

Do you remember the first digital watches and how they beeped every full hour? Or before that bell towers, grandfather- and cuckoo-clocks that played a melody every fifteen minutes? Or the broadcaster on the radio that announced the time before he told you the latest news?

You do! This principle of telling time works today the same way it did a couple and even hundreds of years ago. Why shouldn't it work in the future, why not on your smartphone?


ckrono.qoo runs in the background and tells you the time, but it's your decision how that is done. Have qoo play a sound signal, announce the actual time via voice or go retro and have a cuckoo sing!

The schedule allows you to configure at what times in an hour you are notified and during what hours it's active or asleep. When you go into a meeting, watch a movie or have a romantic date, just activate 'Do not disturb' and qoo will be quiet!

ckrono.qoo is very customizable and, once configured, only has to run in the foreground if you want it to.


ckrono.qoo scheduling is very customizable. Configure at what times in the hour and during what hours of the day qoo should tell you the time and how.

Upgrade to 'Premium' and you can even schedule on a 'Per-Day' basis!

Nofitication Types

Have ckrono.qoo inform you about the time by having a voice tell you, by playing a sound or by vibrating your phone.

Mixing different types works and is very cool! Have ckrono.qoo announce the time on the hour via voice, but only have it beep the other times.

Do not disturb

Let qoo know that you don't want to be disturbed at the moment and qoo will be quiet.

Once the mode is deactivated, qoo will go back to work immediately.


ckrono.qoo keeps track of time and automatically schedules when you notify you, all while its in the background.

Most clock/alarm apps you have to keep in the foreground in order for them to fully work, not so with ckrono.qoo.

Sound Themes

There's a mix of different sound themes to choose from. The different digital beep themes are nice, but you might be interested in the cuckoo theme. Try it!

Upgrade to 'Premium' and you get access to two more sound themes: Big Ben and Grandfather clock


Currently ckrono.qoo offers two voices. One male voice for English time announcements and one male voice for German.

We are thinking about adding more voices, but in the meantime, why don't you let us know what voice you'd like to be added next?


ckrono.qoo has a lot of different looks. For one, you can change whether it should show time in am/pm or 24h mode.

There's also a bunch of background colors and a light/dark mode to choose from. Premium gives you a even bigger selection!


ckrono.qoo is free to download and try in the AppStore, but we also offer a Premium upgrade that gives you a little more.

.Advanced 'Per-Day' scheduling
.More Colors
.More Sounds
.No more iAds/Promitions

Go get it!